Welcome to Reminisce

Create a Lasting Legacy

Reminisce is a platform dedicated to the respectful remembrance of those who have passed. Our service is designed to provide a dignified space for preserving and sharing memories of your loved ones.

Web application coming in 2024

Key Features

  • Upload and Share Memories: Safely upload photographs, videos, and stories, creating a lasting digital memorial.
  • Collaborative Remembrance: Family and friends are invited to contribute, collectively creating a tribute that honors the fullness of their life.
  • Community Support: Connect with others in a supportive environment, where memories and experiences can be shared with understanding and empathy.
  • Creating Tangible Memorials: Enhance the remembrance experience with our QR code feature. This allows for the creation of physical touchpoints linked to digital memorials. Place QR codes on meaningful items or locations, transforming them into interactive gateways to cherished memories and stories of your loved ones.